Case Study One



Blue Horse Finance                                    

Blue Horse Finance had a purpose built office for there main office HQ. Commwire were required to supply a cabling network design and installation for the new office build. BHF also required a new server and workstations supply and installation. The data network design including any data transfer to new servers were put together in a project plan that was agreed with the customer as not to disrupt existing business. 


Jane Briar (office manager)

Commswire provided us with a dedicated project manager who listned to what we required and also provided us with some great ideas to improve some of our work flows. We had a very tight schedule for the work and we can honestly say not only did the Commswire complete the work on time but they were a pleasure to work with. We have used Commswire IT support for the last 4 years and they have maintained our servers and network to very high standards but most of all they are really friendly and easy to work with.

Jane Briar, Office Manager

Case Study Two



Frank Dudley Ltd

Frank Dudley Ltd required replacement servers due to the existing servers becoming end of life. Commswire were given the task to migrate the new server hardware into the existing network without disrupting the day to day business. The new server specification needed to accommodate existing usage and also future expandablity.


Peter Hunt (Financial Manager)

Commswire have been involved on all aspects of IT and communications at Frank Dudley for over 8 years.Our largest project recently has been the total upgrade and replacement of the servers and network. The Company is totally dependant on the operating system. This upgrade was meticulously planned by Mike to enable the business to continue operating without any disruption.

Commswire handled the sourcing of equipment, negotiation of price and planned the delivery.

In order for FDL to continue seamlessly all the upgrade and transfer of the information was carried out at times outside the normal working week. The main bulk of the work being carried out over a number of weekends meant no interruptions to the many users of the system.

 Did it all go smoothly? If we had not notified the users of the upgrade and alterations taking place, the only indication would have been the better response time of the system.

 Everything went smoothly with no downtime whatsoever, well done Commswire.

Peter Hunt, Financial  Manager

Case Study Three


Quality Hotel (Birmingham)


The customer required a replacement wireless system to cover the whole site. Commwire completed a wireless site survey to analyze the problem areas of the existing wireless set-up. The customer requested a system that could be easily monitored and managed. A separate guest wi-fi network with a system of providing guest passes  that could limit time the customers could access hotel wi-fi . The existing wi-fi network had seven access points running at b/g (11mb) with many black-spots or no wi-fi access in many areas of the site. Access speeds were also an issue with customers complaining about poor wi-fi connectivity.

 Commswire provided a new fully managed N class(300mb) Ruckus system with only four N standard access points. The new system provided a much wider coverage with faster access speeds. A guest wi-fi  network that the staff could print passes easily from the front-desk was provided. A private wi-fi network was also set-up for internal staff use only.


Amir (Owner)

I have been so please with our new wireless network it is very easy for us to manage and does everything that Commswire said it would do! The guest pass wi-fi works very simply, just login put the room number and print the pass, we found that the customer were connecting multiple computers and phones to the old wi-fi network that really slowed it down. This is all totally in our control now which is great.

 Any service that is provided to customers has to be reliable and the new wi-fi system has been rock solid for us. Commwire provided us with a project plan of work and then a very smooth installation. 

Most importantly they are really friendly knowledgeable guys to deal with!!

Amir, Owner

Case Study Four


Cost Cutters (Ultimate Services)

The customer requirements were to install new server hardware decommission the existing server on-site without disrupting of the day to day running of the business. New server and workstation hardware was required with the capacity for future expansion. A full project plan was submitted to the customer agreeing time schedules. All new hardware specification needed to be designed around customer growth of users and increased data.


Sam Stretton (Marketing Manager)

We have always been really pleased with the service provided by Commswire, and the new server installation was no different… Sound advice tailored to suit our business needs, with budget and timescales in mind always. The installation itself was planned and carried out very well. We are more than pleased with the new hardware and would recommend Commswire to any other business looking to work with professionals of these high standards.

Thanks again to the whole team at Commswire.

Sam Stretton, Marketing  Manager

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