Who Is Checking Your backup?


Backup Services

Commswire provides extensive backup services, most businesses think they are backing up there data and have regular copies available  but never check if they can restore the data back. Our server backup service not only checks that the backups have completed but schedule restores. We know this sounds really basic but it is not currently being done by many UK businesses.

Bare metal Backup

What is bare metal backup, simple put we take a full snapshot of your server or computer and can transfer the full working server directly onto a new piece of hardware.

The best example to give would be your main server has blown up and can not be repaired. A new server would need to be purchased rebuilt and then data backup would need to be restored. It could take up to 2-3 days of downtime, bare metal backup with our server maintenance would take this process to less than 1 day. If your business uses complex applications the downtime could be longer than 3 days!.

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