SecurityInformation security is an issue which is ever increasing and evolving with cyber crime now costing UK businesses billions of pounds. Virus attacks, hackers, spam and malicious emails are a major headache for any business no matter how big or small. Comprehensive and stringent IT security defences must be put in place to safeguard against attacks.


Used for blocking unwanted traffic, whether it be protection from emails with very large file sizes or executable files which autorun, Commswire use firewalls from Cisco as the first line of defence.


Sophos anti-virus solutions help protect your network from viruses and worms. The synergy between Commswire and Sophos ensures the very best service for our customers.


VPN is the backbone to a solid network infrastructure which connects remote users or sites securely. Commswire supply VPN configurations through a team of cisco technical engineers. Partnering with Cisco Commswire supply the latest technologies for network security.

Intrusion Detection

The technical team from Commswire analyze your risk from hackers and spyware, using Cisco products and years of experience from our team of IT professionals.

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