Backup Service

BackupsHow much is your data worth?

Putting a value to your data gives a different perspective on how important it is to have a good a reliable backup solutions.

We would consider that a good percentage of UK organisations do not consider there backup solution until it is too late or after a major issue has happened.

Our first approach is putting in systems that have fault tolerance, an example of this would be having a server that has two hard drives that stores all data, if one drive fails the data is not lossed. (this is known as RAID) This is just one of the first steps in providing a full backup solution.

There are a myriad of different devices to backup data, from tape drives through to NAS drives (Network Attached Storage) every solution we provide is based on how the organisation works and will be  tailored individually to work.

Please contact us if you need help with backing up your data!

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