About Us

Commswire was founded by Richard Hinckley (CCNA, HNC, BICSI) and Mike Mazumder (CSE, MCSA) in 1995. The companies original business concentrated on early main frame technologies with cabling infrastructure. With an extension into the Cisco and Microsoft technology market establishing customers within the Travel Industry, Manufacturing and the Finance sectors.

We pride ourselves in being a little bit different to your average IT supplier. We talk to our customers about pretty much anything related to Information Technology that can help their business grow.

A philosophy of listening and learning not only from our customers but also our staff would be a fundamental reason for our growing success!
“Richard Hinckley”

Richard and Mike have very proactive roles within Commswire and still visit customers that have been with the company over 15 years; we pride ourselves on customer service but more importantly getting the job done, on time! on budget!

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